Camille & Anthony’s Lightner Museum Wedding


April 10, 2024

  1. Vicki Blood says:

    What a beautiful blog and memory! Loved this wedding! You capture the perfect moments ❤️

    • Laura perez says:

      It truly was an incredible night
      And the very best vendor team !!
      Thank you for all you and your team do 🥹🤍
      Including pumping us with much needed coffee

  2. Camille says:

    What a sweet and wonderful post. I want to relive this day forever!

  3. Sam says:

    Such an unforgettable night. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness#Raborns❤️

  4. Melanie IMBO says:

    Love it it was the best blog ever
    I love every moment
    It was a happy week and well organized weeding i really enjoyed

  5. Janet Imbo says:

    I had such a great time tonight!! This night was magical!

  6. Emily Raborn says:

    Such a wonderful blog. You captured the event perfectly with your lovely words and photographs. They will be able to look back on these memories you have captured forever. Your team was amazing. Thank you.

  7. Anthony says:

    Thanks so much, Laura! You took some great photos of us!

  8. Michael says:

    Awesome night. Wonderful photos. The best wedding I’ve ever been apart of and these great photos prove it.

  9. Jesse says:

    Such a picturesque night!

  10. Hector says:

    Beautiful pictures, and a great blog! You did an amazing job capturing the essence of the event!

  11. Kyle Mouton says:

    What an amazing post that highlights such an amazing couple. These photos are so beautiful!

  12. jeanette qablawi says:

    What at amazing night ! Love you both so much 🥰

  13. Maria says:

    So much love was felt this day that was captured in these beautiful photos! Congratulations to my dear friends. My heart is so full xo

  14. TJ Mouton says:

    The photos reflect the happiness of the couple and capture treasured moments. My congratulations to the both of you and best wishes. Hope to meet the bride sometime in the future.

  15. Kelli Mouton says:

    so happy for you!

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