Big Talbot Island Engagement session


September 19, 2023

  1. Beth Smith says:

    Great photos. Can’t wait for your big day. ❤️❤️

  2. Amber fulleda says:

    Looks so good!!

  3. Shelby Smith says:

    I’m so excited to help my beautiful best friend walk down the aisle 🥰

  4. Erin says:

    These pictures are so perfect to capture their love! Abby is one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever met and I love seeing her infectious smile through all these photos!

  5. tracy louviere says:

    So freaking cute !!! Cant wait to see you walk down the aisle. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Nancy A Uecker says:

    Beautiful couple and beautiful photos 💕

  7. André V. says:

    Loveee these, they all came out so good, love you guys ♥

  8. Hannah Skelton says:

    We love your love story, and can’t wait to watch you walk down the aisle to your bestfriend! 💕

  9. Jillian Brisbane says:

    Love the pictures and love you guys!! Can’t wait for your big day!

  10. Eva Farnham says:

    You guys look so happy! Genuinely in love so happy for you both!! ❤

  11. Linda Chavez says:

    Love you both ❤️
    Excited for the big day!!

  12. These photos are so lovely! I can’t believe you got a triple rainbow!

  13. Silvia chavez says:

    Beautiful couple!!🥰

  14. Caitlin Uecker says:


  15. Morgan Nagel says:

    These are stunning!!!

  16. Tremaine says:

    This is incredible and I am happy to see these two become united as one on their big day!

  17. Yngrid says:

    The pictures are so Beautiful !!! I’m so happy for both of you.

  18. Adam Smith says:

    I really enjoy the photos, can’t wait to witness the big day,😊

  19. Giovanni says:

    These photos are fantastic!! You guys look too cute!!! 🫶

  20. Jacob says:

    Great pictures! Will be a great day that’s for sure!

  21. Camisha Ivory says:

    I love that everything you do seem so natural! I love it. Congratulations you fits

  22. PERIJET says:

    Abby and I have known eachother since the beginning of both of our Naval careers. Couldn’t be happen to a more deserving person

  23. Kyle says:

    Awesome photos! You guys are great together.

  24. Anjelica says:

    Beautiful photos😍

  25. Sierra Wolfgram says:

    These are such amazing photos! You both look so happy! Congratulations 🎉!

  26. Jacob Salazar says:

    I am super happy for you guys! Can’t wait for the wedding!

  27. Brittany Morgan says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous! 💞

  28. Andre says:

    So happy see you guys tying the knot

  29. Mana says:

    These photos are amazing, capturing the love they have for one another ! Many blessings and best wishes, CONGRATULATIONS 🍾!

  30. Daniela says:

    So happy for the both of you!!

  31. Deyby says:

    Congratulations! 🎉🎉 Wishing you happy times ahead as you plan your wedding 🙏🏻❤

  32. Absolutely beautiful couple, I wish you guys all of life’s joy to come! Beautiful photos!!!

  33. Kyle Jones says:


  34. Lavelle Govia says:

    Go Abby this is Fire 🔥

  35. B says:

    Lovely pictures!
    And congratulations you two! 🥳

  36. Crystal Kelly says:

    Adorable couple and beautiful photos. Can’t wait for your happily ever after ❤️

  37. Phi says:

    So happy for you Jose !!! Hopefully I get to meet Abby one day 🙂 congratulations to you both 🤍

  38. Valentina Vergara says:

    May your love story continue forever and your happiness grow every Year.
    Congratulations Abby & Jose🤍

  39. Emily W says:

    These photos are adorable! Can’t wait for y’all’s big day!

  40. AJ says:

    Loving these! Congrats to you both!

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